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Fixed Indoor LED display
Fixed Indoor P7.62/P7.625 HD LED Display
1.Nice color uniformity, a good solution to mosaic, excellent consistency.
2. Real pixel display, clear, exquisite and real display effect for both text and images.
3. Horizontal and vertical viewing angle up to 120 degrees, within angle range, image has no distortion and color cast.
4. Easy to maintain, available for single-point and single-lamp maintenance, low repair costs, ingress protection grade IP40
Pixel Pitch 7.625 mm
Pixel Density(m²) 17200
Pixel Composition 3-in-1 SMD
Cabinet Size 976 mm*976 mm*108 mm
Cabinet Resolution 128*128 = 16384
Number of Modules(One Cabinet) 4×8= 32
Cabinet Material Iron
Number of Power(One Cabinet) 5 V/60 A/5
Cabinet Net Weight 52 kg/Sq. m.
Cabinet Gross Weight 57 kg/Sq. m.
Package Size 1056 mm*1156 mm*316 mm
Module Resolution 32*16
Module Size 244*122*15(mm*mm*mm)
Module Weight 0.23 kg
Power Consumption (Single Module) 5 V, 21.5 W
Brightness 2000 cd /Sq. m.
Gray Level 4096
Color 16700000
The Best Viewing Angle H: 120°, V: 120°
The Best Viewing Distance 7.5 m~180 m
Scan Mode 1/8; Real
Refresh Rate (Max) 4000 Hz
Input Voltage 110 V/60 Hz, 220 V/50 Hz;
Max Power Consumption 716 W/Sq. m.
Average Power Consumption 430 W/Sq. m.
Lifespan 50000 h
Operating Temperature -20°C~+50°C
Operating Humidity Range 10%RH ~ 90%RH
Front Ingress Protection Index IP 40
Back Ingress Protection Index IP 40


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