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Service & Support

Choose high standard service, choose LEDisplay

At LEDisplay, “rapidness, profession, thoughtfulness, honesty, and customer satisfaction” is the principle of our services. And the reputation becomes outstanding throughout the years of practicing. By daily phone calls and door to door visits, while providing comprehensive services, we find and solve problems with our customers. 
With this principle, we have created our own service management system, which can provide return and repair, on-site maintenances, and consulting service over the phone, etc. according to different needs of our customers. 
“Reply any question and complain, provide the best service” is the strict requirement to our service department and the maintenances networks worldwide. 
“We can do what you think of” is our expectation and goal to achieve. We will provide you satisfied solutions when you meet problems. 

Project Management 
We look at things from your point of view and make sure you get the best advice and the right product for the job. It's what we know, and what we've been doing successfully for years. 
Buying the right screen in a confusing market with huge variances in quality and price can be daunting. We provide expertise so that you can avoid costly mistakes.

From steelwork design to content managment integration, our technical team can offer advice on all aspects of an installation, or we can manage the complete project for you. 
Training Program 
Our company will train the users based on the manual, system use guide and maintenance guide. The training include system use, system maintenance and equipment protection. When you receive your shipment, you will find an array of materials to assist you with installation and operation. Demo videos, documentation and user manuals, as well as software will provide you with everything you need to get your LED displays up and running.

Content Management
Installing a screen is just the beginning. We can help you choose the right content delivery system that meets your business needs and fits your budget. 
Whether you need one-off service calls, regular maintenance or on-site support for prestigious events, we have a team of experienced technicians available.