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Sports Led Displays
Sports Led Displays Features
Brilliant Image
High precision calibration: With brightness and color calibration, the brightness discrepancy is less than 2% and chroma precise is accurate to 0.001; moreover, onsite calibration services after installation can also keep the outstanding performance of the screen in long term.
20 bit color processing depth:  creates the best natural image with details on the LED display, which maximizes advertising impact and brand reputation.

Standard of World Class Sports
LEDisplay Sports LED display product is widely used for world class events, like FIFA world cup, UEFA champion league, FIS SKI cup etc. AOTO LED display has become standard of world class sports.
Human-oriented Design
Patented top rubber and soft louver design to protect player in 360°from injury.
Broadcast Freely
LEDisplay LED display provide up to 16,000hz refresh rate, ensures stable and free flicker image could be captured in high speed camera.
Customized Design
According to different arena requirement, offer a customized solution to clients, make LED display has a perfect compatible with stadium architecture.
High Stability and Reliability
Double back-up system: ensures high stability and reliability of the system; ensures the live broadcast can go on successfully and smoothly without interruption.
Sports Led Displays Solutions

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