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Unique Shape LED Display
Indoor P5 Spherical LED Display
P5 Indoor LED display
Diameter 1m

 LED  Lamps Type    : SMD
 Arrangement             :SMD3IN1
 Red Wavelength        :625nm(+2.5nm)
 Green Wavelength     :525nm(+2.5nm)
 Blue Wavelength         :470nm(+2.5nm)

  Pixel Pitch                  :5mm
 Pixel Density              : 40000dots/sqm 
 Brightness                 :1600nit 
 Viewing Angle           :110(Horizontal),90(Vertical) 
 Power Consumption (Max)  :<546W/SQM
 Power Consumption (Typical) : 218W/SQM
 Frame Frequency     :no less than 60 frame/sec
 Refresh Rate             :no less than 480 HZ/sec
 Input Voltage             :220V/110V, 50 Hz/60Hz
 Output Voltage          :5V,40A 
 Grey Scale Levels    : R(1024bit) x G(1024bit) x B(1024bit) 
 Grey Colors               :281trillion 
 Brightness Adjustment  :256 levels of each color(R,G,B) can be adjusted manually, and 8 levels of 
 each color can be adjusted automatically  
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